Schlossdielen Schönlein

Old becomes new...

Treasured planks and beams with unique charm

Original old wood

Fans of historic old wood won’t be disappointed at Schlossdielen Schönlein.
They will find wood floors, wall panelling, furniture, tabletops and old-wood panels for building furniture, as well as planks, beams and squared timber in our product assortment.


Old wood floorboards – specialities for connoisseurs

We have all seen them: Impressive, one-of-a-kind creations made of historic old wood. Unique installations and rustic pieces of furniture wrought of old, seasoned boards or beams – primarily made of technically dried oak wood. Plank flooring, beam and girder cladding, wall panelling, doors, wardrobes and tables are the fruit of this long and loving detailed work. There are nearly no limits to the ideas that can be realised using old wood.

Genuine old oak planks are also highly prized:
They are refinished and sold with their original surfaces as historic planking. Old wood is ideal if you would like to add or combine fine objects with individual pieces that are known for their clear lines and strong character.

Exclusive homes and loving details in hotels and restaurants can give you inspiration for installations featuring old wood elements.

Rely on expert knowledge for old wood!

Technically modern products are particularly important when it comes to floors and wall panelling. These elements should look as authentic as possible so they can radiate a feeling of well-being.

Old wood is known to have a certain play of colours. However, upon request, we can compile a collection of pieces with a narrow range of colours for you. The final surface finishing is decisive in this regard, since wood oils intensify or deepen a piece’s basic colour.
We produce and deliver the surface of the wood according to your wishes and the agreements we have made with you.

The following surface variations are possible:

  • planed
  • sanded
  • brushed
  • surfaces with different heights
  • handsanded

You want to choose and experience your personal old wood floor?

Then simply contact us.
We would be happy to arrange a personal consultation with youin our big
castle floorboard exhibition on site.