Schlossdielen Schönlein

Unique floors
in impressive dimensions

from one of the largest and most beautiful
floor exhibitions in Germany!

Noble, room-length unique wooden floors:

Castle floorboards!

... are particularly large wooden planks that only nature can create. The room-length and very wide planks are traditionally handcrafted and are truly unique. Whether as solid wood or three-layer planks - for lovers of magnificent long wooden floors, there is hardly anything left to be desired. The majestic castle floorboards were originally used in churches and castles and are still used enthusiastically today in public buildings, offices, residential buildings and exclusive apartments.

Once you have seen an original chateau plank, you will understand why we call our planks “chateau”.

With these planks, you will almost feel and recognize how alive wood can be as a material. Because nature alone creates every chateau plank and thus determines its design. And so the individual character, the special grain and finely tuned nuances make each chateau plank venerable and unique.

The large wooden planks were already highly valued in the Middle Ages. They were laid in castles, churches or palaces, in large halls along the entire length of the room. The wide plank floors also proved their worth in country houses thanks to their material properties and durability.

Even today, lovers of these magnificent floor coverings know that a floor made of chateau floorboards is timeless and suits any interior design style. In combination with classic, rustic or modern furniture, rooms and homes can be designed according to personal wishes and ideas An elegant chateau plank floor skillfully highlights furniture, collector’s items, carpets or old treasures.